About Us

We believe in play-based learning

Every month your child will receive a box full of activities they will want to play that are based off the math and literacy Canadian curriculum. It makes learning easy by turning playtime into school time.

We are parents who enjoy quality time with our kids

The Schoolyard Box is the only kids learning box that is Canadian curriculum based to help your children stay up to date on their schooling whether they are returning to school, home-schooling, or starting online schooling. It is a great way to play with your kids while ensuring they are learning all they need this school year.

We are passionate teachers

The Schoolyard Box was founded by a mother of three and teacher who was worried about her own son's education and began making games for him to play to emphasize what he was learning at school. She now custom designs the activities monthly for Schoolyard Box to share with other families so they too can enjoy playing and learning all year long!